Multiple different sized windows?

If you have multiple windows for your project that have different measurements, you will need to create separate item orders and add them to your cart.


Stationary Drape Selection?

Stationary panels do not cover the window as they are primarily chosen for decorative purposes and do not open and close.


How to clean my products?

Dry Clean Only


How to measure?


Roman Shades:

Shower Curtain:


Pattern repeat size?

In order to keep the pattern on your fabric consistent whether your drapes are open or closed.

Measure from the beginning of the pattern to the beginning of the next pattern. Most fabric rolls are labeled with the pattern repeat.


How much fabric do I supply?

After you’ve chosen the fabric for your project and provided us with your measurements, our website calculates how many yards you will need to send us for your final product.


How long will my order take to be completed?

Depending on the size of your order, you will receive your order in 4-6 weeks delivered straight your front door.


How do I hang my drapes?

We do recommend hiring a professional installer for your hardware and drapes.  We will pre-pin your drapes to the industry standard for you to hang on the hardware you choose.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.